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If you want to travel in style, you're in the right place. JJ's Limos provides chauffeur-driven limo hire services to customers throughout Essex. 

Our Stunning Vehicles

All our vehicles are highly maintained being checked & cleaned daily, they are also regularly serviced ensuring that you receive your vehicle in the best possible condition. Our stretch limos are equipped with the latest amenities, to name a few - LCD's, CD/DVD players, mood/neon lighting, fibre optics, moon roof, leather upholstery & full bar facilities.

Blue Crush

White Tuxedo style limo parked outside a venue
Interior of a stretched, luxury limousine

Black Limo

black limo interior


White Phantom style wedding car parked up
Interior of a white Phantom style wedding car with cream leather

7 Seater


Coming Soon...

Black Range Rover Vogue - Available for weddings only.

Range Rover Vogue

Our Terms & Conditions

JJ's Limos Private Hire Terms and Conditions ( English Law)

It is the hirer's responsibility to read these terms and conditions and to ensure that all passengers are fully aware, understand their implications, and comply with them fully.

  1. On booking the hire of a limousine, a minimum deposit of £40.00 will be payable, the balance will be payable, no later than 2 weeks prior to the hire date. The deposit is non-returnable and will be forfeited in the event of cancellation by the hirer. If the hirer cancels or postpones the agreed hire date within 7 working days of the aforesaid hire date, the entire agreed hire sum will be payable.

  2. Bookings made within 2 weeks of the date of hire require full payment at the time of booking (unless otherwise agreed by JJ's Limos). All outstanding accounts MUST BE SETTLED BEFORE transport begins. Transport will not begin until all accounts are settled.

  3. JJ's Limos gives any advice on journey time in good faith but does not guarantee the completion of any journey in any specific time and will not be liable for any delay or inconvenience caused by the actual time of the journey.

  4. Any hire that exceeds the stated time (due to the hirer or guests being late) will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate. You must seek permission from the head office to change any part of the hire arrangements. We will collect/return you at the confirmed booking times you have agreed to, any changes are at our discretion.

  5. JJ's Limos will honour ONLY the carriage requirements as specified in the booking confirmation. The collection times you have given must be adhered to. Any alterations to this Confirmation must be confirmed and agreed upon by head office. This may lead to further charges to the original agreement.

  6. The hirer is liable for any damage or breakages incurred inside or outside of the vehicle, which is deliberately caused by the hirer or passenger. This includes any passenger being unwell a valet fee will become payable, this includes ANY such repairs or any items that need to be replaced. The hirer will be liable for all JJ's Limos loses and charges incurred thereafter if the limousine is unable to be used until the said repairs are completed.

  7. JJ's Limos accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any property or luggage carried in the limousine. You are asked to keep your belongings with you. Anything left within the limousine must be collected within 2 weeks. JJ's Limos will not pay for transport or postage costs of sending items back to their original owner.

  8. Alcohol can be brought on board. There is no limit on mixers or soft drinks. JJ's Limos will not supply any alcohol, alcohol being carried in the limousine it is the sole responsibility/ownership of the hirer.

  9. The limousine will only carry the amount of passengers originally booked for. This is to a MAX.8. We will not carry any passengers not allocated as a passenger in the original booking agreement.

  10. JJ's Limos are not responsible for any parking charges, entrance fees, bridge tolls, congestion charging etc. These are not included in the price agreed upon unless by prior arrangements. Any and all these costs incurred must be paid by the hirer at the time of hire.

  11. For safety, our limousines carry a strict NO SMOKING POLICY. A stop can be pre-arranged, please let us know.

  12. Food of any description is NOT ALLOWED to be eaten inside the limousine. A stop can be pre-arranged, please let us know.

  13. JJ's Limos WILL TERMINATE HIRE if any passenger is found to be carrying or using any illegal substance.

  14. We can only ask that you keep your FEET OFF THE BAR AND SEAT AREAS. All passengers are to remain seated during their journey, seatbelts are provided, and you are reminded that it is THE LAW to wear them. You are not allowed to shout out the windows at passers-by. You must not open the doors under any circumstance, the chauffeur will open them for you.

  15. JJ's Limos reserves the right to terminate the hire if a hirer or passenger becomes abusive or uses abusive language or is deemed to be intoxicated or become intoxicated or if they pose a threat to the chauffeur. Any UNDULY ROWDINESS will not be tolerated and will lead to the TERMINATION OF HIRE at any given time.

  16. Due to the size of the limousines it may be difficult to drop you off directly outside your intended destination, but we will endeavor to get you as close as possible. Please inform us if your collection point/road/street is narrow.

  17. JJ's Limos reserve the right to postpone or cancel the hire due to severe weather or adverse road conditions or severe traffic congestion.

  18. It is your responsibility to ensure you have all the relevant information and that all the relevant information in the booking confirmation is correct. Any changes should be made prior to the hire commencement.

  19. JJ's Limos cannot be held responsible for any breakdown/accident delays in the hire journey but will endeavour to either repair or send out a replacement vehicle to continue with the journey.

  20. Please enclose a cheque (if you have NOT already done so) for your deposit made payable to MR M JATER. Please sign 1 copy of the booking confirmation and return it to us at the address provided. These must be sent back to us within 7 days of receipt.

All terms and conditions above are legally binding. By signing the confirmation you the hirer are legally bound to uphold our terms and conditions and you as the hirer will be held responsible for any non-adherence or breaking of the terms and conditions.

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